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    Reopening Plan/Work Sessions: Opportunity for Feedback
    The school system, with the assistance of many of our ownmembers, has been working diligently  on a reopening model/plan for the second semester.  Your Association representatives have been providing feedback throughout, participating in several meetings with Chiefs Anissa Dennis and Bill Barnes and also with our HCEA counterparts. In addition, many of our members have taken the time to add their input to the google document shared in September… thank you! Finally, HCAA members from the elementary, middle, and high school levels are representing the Association at SMIL meetings this month.  Feel free to reach out to any of your colleagues listed below with specific questions or input.

    Elementary Representatives                

    1. Derek Anderson
    2. Leslie Brickner
    3. Lisa Cirapica
    4. Ed Cosentino
    5. Rachel Edoho-Eket
    6. Tony Esposito
    7. Colleen Golden
    8. Carol Hahn
    9. Cathleen Lopez
    10. Dan Notari
    11. Sophia Quirk
    12. Lauren Slattery
    13. Nancy Thompson
    14. Tiffany Tresler
    15. Liz Yankle

    Secondary Representatives

    1. Dave Burton
    2. Katie Clark
    3. John DiFato
    4. Jeffrey Fink
    5. Shawn Hastings
    6. Michelle Hewitt
    7. Shiney John
    8. Marcy Leonard
    9. Debra O’Byrne
    10. Brian Sackett
    11. Kim Scaife
    12. Melissa Shindel
    13. - - -
    14. - - -

    School Resource Officers: A Letter of Support
    At the Board of Education meeting on September 10th, a motion was made for the removal of School Resource Officers (SRO’s) from schools. The motion ultimately failed (4-2-2) but the Board is scheduled to revisit the topic later this month and again in November. Feedback gathered via a HCAA survey showed that 82% of those responding were in favor of providing a statement in support of SRO’s.  Consequently, the HCAA Executive Board drafted a letter of support that communicated our members’ support while also acknowledging the differences of opinion shared by some administrators.  The letter was sent to the Board of Education and Dr. Martirano earlier this month; HCAA members received a copy on October 7th.

    Board of Education Meetings:  Important Topics
    At our September Executive Board Meeting, HCAA committed to representing its members at Board of Education meetings where topics of importance are on the agenda. To that end, we’ve identified several upcoming meetings and developed a schedule to ensure two Executive Board member are in attendance. The identified meetings, and the critical matters being discussed, are listed below.  Based on the topic being addressed, you may receive an email from the Association requesting input.  We also invite you to reach out to HCAA President Nick Novak or Executive Director Sue Mascaro prior to a meeting to share any thoughts/concerns on the issue at hand.

    • October 22nd, 4 pm -  Presentation on Hybrid Model Options (Work Session)
    • October 22nd, 7 pm - Hybrid Model (Work Session); COVID-19 Implications in Policy 8020, Grading & Reporting Middle and High School and Policy 9070, Academic Eligibility for High School Extracurricular Activities  (Action)
    • November 5th, 4 pm -  Reopening Plan (Work Session)
    • November 19th, 4 pm - Reopening Plan (Work Session and Action)
    • November 19th, 7 pm - 2021-2022 Proposed Academic Calendar; School Resource Officers (Reports)

    HCAA Representation on Board of Education Policy Committees
    As you may know, HCAA has the opportunity for representation when any Board of Education policy is up for initial approval or review.  During the 2020-2021 school year, nine policies are slated for revision.  We are fortunate that once again, members have stepped up to the plate to represent the Association on these policy committees. A list of those policies, with a revision start date and the HCAA representative, is listed below.  If you have feedback/concerns on any of the policies listed, be sure to reach out to the HCAA representative (in blue).  Questions regarding policy representation in general can be directed to Second Vice President Tiffany Tresler. 

    • Policy 6010: School Attendance Areas,  Gillian Spivey(August - still meeting)
    • Policy 9260: Student Search & Seizure, Christina Krabitz & Sonia Hurd(August - still meeting)
    • Policy 5200: Pupil Transportation, Tiffany Carmean(October - meetings start October 13th)
    • Policy 2060: Advisory Committees to the Board, Trish Lannon(To be determined)
    • Policy 4070: Fund Balance, Deborah Holmes (January 2021)
    • Policy 4100: Investment, Allen Cosentino (January 2021)
    • Policy 9090: Wellness Through Nutrition & Physical Activity, Heather Moraff(March 2021)
    • Policy 9020: Students’ Rights & Responsibilities, Kareen Penn(April 2021)
    •  Policy 5220: School Bus Contracts & School Bus Personnel, Colleen Golden(June 2021)

    Operating Budget Review Committee (OBRC)
    HCAA also represents its membership on the Operating Budget Review Committee(OBRC). The OBRC, whose purpose is to provide the Board of Education with input and recommendations on the upcoming Operating Budget, reports directly to the BOE. Committee membership is wide-ranging and includes a community appointee from each school board member, a representative from all three bargaining units, a student member from HCASC, and representatives from various community groups.  All committee meetings are recorded and can be accessed via Board Docs. Sharon Kramer, HCAA Operations Manager, is serving as the Association’s representative for the 2021-2022 budget cycle.  Feel free to reach out directly to Sharon with any concerns you’d like her to share with the OBRC.  And if you have time, check out Dr. Martirano’s September 16thpresentation to the group.

    Thank You to our Non-School-Based Colleagues
    In closing, we’d like to extend a very special “thank you” to our non-school-based administratorsfor all of the hard work they’ve completed to date (we’re sure it will continue!) on the instructional plans for second semester. Whether the BOE chooses to return under a hybrid model or remain virtual, the incredible amount of time and energy these members have invested is to be applauded.  We recognize that this is an incredibility difficult task with noeasyanswers, and we truly appreciate the painstaking work our members from the Departments of Curriculum, Instruction & Assessment, Special Education, and Program Innovation & Student Well-Being have contributed during this process.  The Howard County School System, and in particular our school-based administrators, are so very fortunate to have each and every one of you lending your expertise to this challenging but incredibly important task.

    As you know, HCAA would like to serve as the exclusive bargaining agentfor the 5thbargaining unit representing cluster nurses, food services managers, assistant managers & managers, and an assortment of other supervisory positions. We are thrilled that we will be on the ballotas a choice for all 5thunit employees, and look forward to the election that is slated to take place 2ndsemester.
    We look forward to the election and sincerely hope we have the opportunity to represent our fellow supervisors. Until that time, join us during virtual office hoursby clicking on one of the links below to have your questions answered or to share ideas. Or if you prefer, simply call/text Executive Director Sue Mascaroat 443-878-6883.

    Office Hours
    Tuesday, October 20th,  3:30 to 5:00 pm


             Meeting ID: 848 6309 9467 Passcode: 746882

    Thursday, November 5th, 3:30 to 5:00 pm


             Meeting ID: 862 8870 8316  Passcode: 495632

    Thursday, November 17th, 3:30 to 5:00 pm


    Meeting ID: 869 0863 0198  Passcode: 822899

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