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    Do you have questions regarding HCAA as your bargaining agent?  Join us for virtual “office hours;” dates & times are listed in the JANUARY UPDATE for 5th Unit Employees

    Supporting the Professional Development of our Members
    Thanks to Article 12D of the current HCAA contract, all members have access to funds to support their professional development. This professional development includes, but is not limited to, conference attendance, supplementary tuition reimbursement, professional coaching, and membership in professional organizations.
    Over the last couple of years the Association recognized – in part from member feedback - that reimbursement of professional development monies from the Accounting Office was far from timely.  As a result, Board of Director members Ed Cosentino and Tiffany Tresler, and Executive Director Sue Mascaro met with representatives from Human Resources and SMIL with one goal in mind: process improvement. We are happy to report that both the process for seeking reimbursement and the delivery of funds has been streamlined.  In fact, over 50 percent of those who’ve requested funding in FY21 have already received their reimbursement.
    We encourage all members to take advantage of this excellent benefit. There are a number of state and national associations that provide training, resources and networking opportunities for both non-school-based and school-based administrators. Many of these same organizations are sponsoring virtual conferences in FY21. Simply visit our Member page and click on the professional learning funds link for step-by-step instructions on submitting a request.  If you’re looking for ideas that meet your PD needs or have questions regarding the reimbursement process, don’t hesitate to reach out to Ed, Tiffany, or Sue ([email protected]).

    New & Revised COVID-19 Memorandum of Understanding
    The Board of Education recently approved a revised COVID-19 MOU for HCAA. The additions and changes, based largely on feedback from members, are summarized below. For your reference, the MOU is available on the HCAA website, with updates highlighted in yellow. A few of the key changes are summarized below.

    • When possible, limit meetings for non-school-based administrators.
    • Provide reasonable timelines for the delivery of instructional materials and professional development.
    • Ensure the principal is notified if a staff member is diagnosed with COVID.
    • Support collaboration on decisions involving changes to the instructional delivery model.
    • Ensure implementation of health and safety protocols that meet standards developed by the CDC and state and local health departments, including sanitizing high-touch areas.
    • Ensure school and office HVAC systems meet necessary health and safety protocols.
    • Relocate work spaces when appropriate social distancing is not possible.
    • Ensure plexiglass is added to areas where administrators are required to meet with students, parents, or staff.
    • Provide and replenish a supply of face masks for students and visitors.
    • Provide appropriate protective equipment for interacting with students who are unable to comply with health and safety procedures.

    There have been a limited number of reports of HCPSS staff not abiding by the terms of the MOU. If you find yourself in this situation and/or have any questions regarding implementation of the agreement, be sure to contact Executive Director Sue Mascaro via email ([email protected]) or phone (443-878-6883).

    Negotiations for FY22 Begin This Month
    Thank you to those members who took the time to complete HCAA’s FY22 Negotiation Survey.  The Association’s Executive Director used this data, along with research of administrative contracts from surrounding jurisdictions, to develop proposals for possible additions/changes to our contract. The next step? The Association’s negotiation team (see below) will meet early this month to review and finalize proposals for presentation to the Board of Education’s team.
    Although the negotiation process is a confidential one, we will provide updates to membership as appropriate.  As a reminder, we will only be negotiating “language” items during this negotiation cycle. If you have any questions about the FY22 negotiation process or our current contract, don’t hesitate to contact Sue Mascaro at 443-878-6883.

    Negotiation Team Members
    Sue Mascaro, Chief Negotiator                     Allen Cosentino, Principal, Oakland Mills MS

    Robert Motely, Team Chairperson               Brandon Lauer, Athletics & Activities Manager, RHHS

    Elizabeth Austin, Instr. Facilitator, OSE         Cameron Rahnama, Assistant Principal, Centennial HS

    David Burton, Principal, Glenelg High

    Communication with School System Leadership Continues to Evolve
    Since the start of the school year HCAA President Nick Novak, along with other members of HCAA’s Board of Directors, have been meeting with Dr. Martirano and members of his leadership team to discuss matters of importance to both the school system and the Association. The Superintendent also hosts monthly meetings with our president and the president of HCEA. The purpose of these meetings is to share the Association’s perspective on matters being discussed and to articulate concerns from Association members on those and other topics.
    Communicating regularly with the school system’s top leadership is critical to our work as an Association; thus, we are always looking for new ways to expand and enhance this dialogue. To that end, we are pleased to report two new communication avenues with the Superintendent’s leadership team.  The first has already begun; President Nick Novak now meets monthly with SMIL Chief Nessa Dennis to discuss items that impact school-based administrators. The second will begin next month, when representatives from HCAA’s Board of Directors begin meeting regularly with Chief Academic Officer Bill Barnes to discuss matters of importance to our non-school-based administrators.  
    If you have a concern you would like HCAA to lift up during any of the above meetings, don’t hesitate to reach out to your area/level representative on the Association’s Board of Directors. A complete list of Board members can be found on the website (see BOARD).

    Supporting our Non-School-Based Administrators
    As we shared last month, HCAA’s latest advocacy efforts center around support for our non-school-based administrators; specifically, members from the Departments of Curriculum, Instruction & Assessment, Special Education, and Program Innovation & Student Well-Being. We are happy to report that these efforts are making a difference, as evidenced by a message Chief Academic Officer Bill Barnes sent out to his entire staff in December.  Actionable steps from the message are summarized below.

    1. Work/Life Balance- Staff will work with their supervisors to establish boundaries to support a positive work/life balance, including clear boundaries for responses to email, phone calls, and text messages and respect for such boundaries. To support productivity, the leadership team will continue to reduce the number of required meetings.  Supervisors will also establish clear expectations for what constitutes an “emergency” that requires a response when administrators are on leave.  If and when that occurs, leave will be adjusted to reflect actual time on leave.
    2. Improved Communication Systems- As we know, communication is key to the success of any department, particularly one as large and complex as the Division of Academics.  Bill has begun a series of focus group meetings to better understand where communication breakdowns exist and how to address such breakdowns.
    3. Being/Feeling Valued- Bill reaffirmed his commitment to ensuring that DOA staff members feel valued and appreciated. Focus groups have met to identify areas of success and opportunities for growth in the area of staff appreciation and recognition.

    The Association truly appreciates the time and energy Bill and his team are investing in response to the concerns raised by our members who serve in his division. We are confident the above actions will make a difference and look forward to receiving updates during future meetings.

    Board of Education Policy Committees: An Update
    Members of the Association continue to represent their colleagues’ interests on BOE policy committees. Two more policy committees are slated to begin their work next month: Policy 4070, Fund Balance, and Policy 4100, Investment. The latest policy action for all committees is highlighted below in red.  If you have feedback/concerns on any of the policies listed below, be sure to reach out to the HCAA representative. Questions regarding policy representation can be directed to Second Vice President Tiffany Tresler

            Policy 7040: Alcohol & Noncontrolled Substance Abuse, Kim Scaife (Report to the BOE on 1/7)

            Policy 7050: Drug Use by Employees, Andi Roberson (Report to the BOE on January 7th)

            Policy 8090: Non-School-Hour Curricular Programs, Steve Fleming (Action pending on January 7th)

            Policy 9260: Student Search & Seizure, Christina Krabitz & Sonia Hurd (Report previously scheduled for January 7th postponed)

            Policy 4070: Fund Balance, Deborah Holmes (Policy Charter to the BOE on February 11th)

            Policy 4100: Investment, Allen Cosentino (Policy Charter to the BOE on February 11th)

            Policy 6010: School Attendance Areas,  Gillian Spivey (Report to the BOE on March 11th)

            Policy 5200: Pupil Transportation, Tiffany Carmean (Report to the BOE on April 15th)

            Policy 9090: Wellness Through Nutrition & Physical Activity, Heather Moraff (Charter to the BOE on April 15th)

            Policy 9020: Students’ Rights & Responsibilities, Kareen Penn (Committee work is continuing)

            Policy 5220: School Bus Contracts & School Bus Personnel, Colleen Golden (To be determined)

            Policy 2060: Advisory Committees to the Board, Trish Lannon (To be determined)

    Operating Budget Review Committee (OBRC) Update
    Sharon Kramer, HCAA’s Operation's Manager, continues to represent our Association on the Operating Budget Review Committee (OBRC).  All committee members participated in a series of leadership presentations/Question & Answer sessions to train for their OBRC work. Recent training presentations featured Chief of School Management & Instructional Leadership Nessa Dennis, Chief Academic Officer Bill Barnes, and Chief Administrative Officer Jahantab Siddiqui.
    The OBRC held its first work session on December 16th.  During the session the OBRC elected officers for the 2020-2021 school year.  David Clifton, appointed by BOE member Vicky Cutroneo, and Willie Flowers, representing the Office of Diversity, Equity and Inclusion, will serve as co-chairs of the group.  
    The OBRC will continue to meet throughout the second semester. All meetings of the committee, including the aforementioned trainings, are recorded and accessible via Board Docs. Finally, members can reach out directly to Sharon to share feedback, concerns, and/or questions for the OBRC.

    As you know, HCAA would like to serve as the exclusive bargaining agent for the 5th bargaining unit representing cluster nurses, food services managers, assistant managers & managers, and an assortment of other supervisory positions. We are thrilled that we will be on the ballot as a choice for all 5th unit employees, and look forward to the election that is slated to take place at some point during the 2nd semester. We are in regular contact with Staff Relations Director Pam Murphy regarding the timing of the election and will communicate any updates to the election process on this site.
    We look forward to the election and sincerely hope we have the opportunity to represent our fellow supervisors. Until that time, join us during virtual office hours to have your questions answered or to share ideas (see links below). Or if you prefer, simply call/text Executive Director Sue Mascaro at 443-878-6883.

    5th Unit Office Hours, January thru February
    Thursday, January 7th, 3:30 to 4:30 pm


    Meeting ID: 899 6853 2314, Passcode: 495020

    Tuesday, January 19th, 4:00 to 5:00 pm


    Meeting ID: 821 8622 1246, Passcode: 092044

    Thursday, January 28th, 3:30 to 4:30 pm


    Meeting ID: 841 7385 2344, Passcode: 239477

    Tuesday, February 9th, 4:00 to 5:00 pm


    Meeting ID: 834 9566 7438, Passcode: 678828

    Thursday, February 18th, 3:30 to 4:30 pm


    Meeting ID: 891 3731 6076, Passcode: 154926

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